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A-List's Adaptive
Learning Platform

Testive Learning Software: 
A-List Education's Adaptive Learning Platform

A-List Education's customized curriculum and individualized online tutor experience are reaching new heights with our supportive learning platform - Testive! Our testing prep software supports online learning through balanced and productive tutoring sessions, adapting questions to your student, instant feedback on measuring what they are doing right and challenges they can work on, as well as producing results that demonstrate score improvement. 

A-List + Testive = Student Success!

What Makes Testive's Learning Software Different?

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Daily Assignments on Testive Learning Software

We keep practice sessions short and efficient to help your child stay focused, motivated and productive.

Our learning software automatically adapts to just the right difficulty to challenge your child without overwhelming them.

And since your child can access the questions on our web app, they can work on their assignments whenever, wherever.

Adapts to Your Child

The last thing you want is for your child to lose confidence or momentum. If they feel like they aren’t challenged enough, they get bored and lose focus. If they’re too challenged, they’ll give up.

Testive learning software serves up the right questions at the right time so your child is always in their peak learning zone.

As your child’s score improves, they gain confidence and the difficulty of the questions automatically increases–kind of like strength training at the gym.

Gives Instant Feedback

Want to keep your kid interested in boring work? Give them a scoreboard.

Testive software will immediately let your child know when they give a wrong answer and will offer an on-the-spot answer explanation, along with a video explaining how to solve the problem. That way they can dive deeper into what they need to work on while it’s still fresh on their mind.

Offers Opportunity for Reflection

Here’s where it gets kinda zen: believe it or not, the opportunity for learning and score improvement isn’t in your child’s right answers.

It’s in reflecting on their wrong ones.

Every time your child answers incorrectly, in addition to immediate feedback tools like written explanations and solution videos, our software will offer them the opportunity to take notes on why they answered a question wrong and what they can do better next time. These notes can be accessed and reviewed by your child at a later time to help them clarify concepts they may be struggling with.

Gets Faster Results

Testive helps students improve their scores by an average of 18 percentile points:

3 times more than the average conventional test prep tutor or class.

That kind of improvement makes a huge difference on college applications and ensures your student can achieve the goals they are striving for. 

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